31 March 2006

BlackBerry thought for your day

Aside from the resurrection, is there anything better than Apple?

26 March 2006

why is life so sad?

I'm trying to understand why life is so sad.

It seems as though there are those who are, for lack of a word, blessed. And then the rest are just fucked.

It's hard to know where I am. I have a home. I am warm and dry and have clothes to wear. I have food to eat and wine to drink. I also have a job, which gives me something to do to earn money to so that I can pay for these other things. And those few things are quite a bit more than most people on the planet have.

But then I want to know why it is that I feel left out. Is it my fault that I am in a cocoon, sheltered from everything by the web that I wove around myself. Did I weave the web? Did someone else just stick me inside of it and weave it around me. My mother is Shelob and I am Frodo.

I am abandoned. I am desperate. I am lonely. I am unloved. I am what I am. I possess no beauty because none have found me beautiful. Because I think, therefore I am.

My heart has but one beat left in it. Who will feel it?

25 March 2006

one can make an acronym out of anything

Lying in bed this morning on a lazy Saturday, I was reminiscing back to days long past when I recalled a club of sorts that was once founded in my high school. I don't think we ever had any meetings or a social structure, or much of a club in the traditional sense, now that I think about it at length.

However, we did have a name! Men against girls eternally neglecting them agree christian overly uninvolved girls are really stupid.

Magenta Cougars.

20 March 2006

H.E. is a misnomer

Harper appointed Emerson as a cabinet minister, though he was from another party.

The issue was a bit tricky to fully understand. Was Emerson appointed minister before or after switching from the Liberals to the Convservatives? Does it matter?

There are two issues here:
  • appointment of a person to cabinet
  • the infectious floor-crossing

There is no rule that dictates that the PM must choose cabinet from currently elected MPs, or MPs from his own party. The PM is actually free to choose to appoint to cabinet whomever the PM desires. Read about it in this wiki article.

The floor-crossing of Emerson is at best disgusting.

The appointment of a Liberal to a Conservative cabinet is at best bizarre.

Democracy dictates that Emerson should have remained a Liberal, but still be admitted to cabinet.

I have no issue with the PM appointing anyone, but I do have issue with liars. Emerson is a liar.

19 March 2006


In an effort to combine financial responsibility with frugality and the food on hand, I have come into a new era of dismal cookery:

Curried hash browns

12 March 2006

ski the Castle

Went skiing at Castle yesterday.

Total snowfall this year: 805 cm.

It was also "demo day" at Castle. That's when all the major ski manufacturers come and bring next year's skis to the hill for people to try. I got a pair of mid fat skis from Head. I have now decided that I must get another pair of skis for next year. The fat skis are so much more suited to the powder. I was sad to bring them back and strap on my carvers again.

Riding the chair lift enables one to meet interesting and unique people. Yesterday certainly provided for some entertaining lifts:
  • ski patroller who will celebrate his 20th year patrolling next year

  • farmer from near Swift Current who skis all winter

  • a U of L student who works at Alpenland

  • a Team Canada Skeleton athlete, who was at the Olympics in Turin

What's that?

Did I say a farmer from Swift Current?

Yes, I did say that I met Carla Pavan, member of Canada's National Skeleton Team.

We had a great conversation about sport and the differences between real sport and celebrity sport, and where the real athletes are. It was a transcendant experience that I will likely remember for a long time. At least a month. And really, we were transcending the mountain together.

Aside from the thrill of meeting this outstanding athelete, I can now also claim that I'm 1 degree separated from gold medal olympian Duff Gibson.

paper #2 topic

Mr Data (Star Trek TNG), C3PO (Star Wars), Hal (Space Odyssey) and Agent Smith (The Matrix) were playing poker.

Agent Smith’s eyes gleam as the pot grows. He struggles to contain his excitement. He is holding a full house, Qs full of 8s.

But Mr. Data seems so unbelievably calm. Data antes up without a quiver.

Hal says “I’m sorry Data. I can’t...” his voice trails off, and he folds.

Next up, C3PO pushes his chair back from the table, “R2 says the chances of survival are seven-hundred and twenty-five to one. I fold."

Agent Smith stares at Mr. Data. “How could this be?” he thinks. “That huge pot is so very close!” Finally, Data’s unwavering gaze unnerves him and Agent Smith folds.

As Mr. Data claimed the pot he flipped his hand over to reveal a pair of 6s. Agent Smith flew into a rage.

He tipped the table over, drew a weapon, and shot Mr. Data.

Question: Did Agent Smith do something morally wrong?

I got 71% on my first paper; I was too creative, and I suppose therefore not philosophical.

05 March 2006


How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd...

Love is a concept, by which we measure our pain.

I'll say it again

Love is a concept, by which we measure our pain.2

(1)Alexander Pope from Eloisa to Abelard.

(2)Twisted from John Lennon's God.

Homer's marriage advice