25 November 2007

23 November 2007

I'm a total loser

I've finally accepted my fate and realised that I have no real friends.

Therefore I decided that I should at least attempt to discover and create some virtual friends.

Find me on Facebook.

15 November 2007

Red Dog Diner

A new totally amazing and awesome diner opened in downtown Lethbridge:

Red Dog Diner

Montréal style hot dogs, smoked meat, and poutine. Best part, it's a family owned business run by Québeckers.

This poutine is the real deal: cheese curds and all. (Pictured is my favourite so far, galvaude poutine, a house specialty with grilled chicked and green peas. Mmm mmm....c'est très bonne!

Hours: pretty much open when you're hungry; until midnight every day but Friday and Saturday, that's when they're open until 4 am. Lethbridge is finally getting some cool.

Moi, je l'aime.


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09 November 2007

Study Finds Working At Work Improves Productivity

Study Finds Working At Work Improves Productivity

The Onion

Study Finds Working At Work Improves Productivity

WASHINGTON, DC—The groundbreaking research found that by simply sitting down and doing work, employees can dramatically increase their output of goods and services.

05 November 2007


I can hardly wait to see this!