19 January 2007



1. To embark on a doomed quest: "his feet bare, armed only with a butter knife, he ignatieffed into the jungle at dusk"

2. To smile in a manner that suggests the very act of smiling is causing you tremendous discomfort

07 January 2007

Tyler, Donnie, and my brain book

   Tyler Durden
+ Donnie Darko
+ a book on neuroscience I am currently reading
= my imaginary friend

On Christmas Eve, while at the gym getting dressed after the shower, this other guy says something to me, and I cannot remember what it was, because I was in initial shock that someone at the gym had actually spoken to me.
I've been going there for four years, and I haven't really found it to be all that friendly. Some people know each other already and chat in the change room, but I rarely see people strike up conversations over the tread mill or bench press.
I thought it was quite ironic that while I was in the midst of bemoaning the holidays and being alone and friendless, a stranger was actually friendly.

I had never seen this guy before, and I doubted I would see him again.

Then on New Year's Day, I saw him again! He was watching hockey on the tv in the change room and sat down and was watching as well (as I often do). We had a minimal conversation about the game, and at some point he said something about playing squash. As he was leaving, I offered to play squash with him; which led to a bit of a real conversation, and as we were walking outside I mentioned to him that he was the first person who had ever spoken to me at the gym, and that I was kind of impressed by it. We agreed to meet on Tuesday to play squash. But he wasn't there.

Then I watched Donnie Darko Tuesday evening after squash.

And I kept reading through my brain book, Why We Believe What We Believe, by Andrew Newberg.

And I remembered Tyler Durden.

Then I began to think that my gym-friend was actually imaginary.

Now I think I'm going crazy.

I've not been able to verify with anyone else that this guy is real!

I didn't see him all week at the gym.

But then I finally saw him last night. And though we spoke briefly, I realised afterwards that no one else was around! And it was very non-committal, just first name, no phone number (for setting squash times or going skiing). And it also seems a bit strange that his physical pursuits are the same as mine.

Being concerned for my phsyological state of mind, after "Tyler" (I'm using a pseudonym; I don't want to disclose the name of my imaginary friend) left the change room, and I was stunned by the reality that no one else was involved in our conversation, and the fact that I could have imagined the whole thing was sinking in, I noticed another guy by the lockers, and I asked him if I was just talking to someone.

He looked nonplussed. But then when I mentioned Fight Club and the possiblility that I am crazy and have an imaginary friend, he seemed to understand what I was talking about. He acknowledged that I was indeed speaking with someone, though he did not know who it was. Nor had he seem him frequently at the gym.

Perhaps I was talking to myself.

Perhaps I was imagining it.

He wasn't there today, even though he said he was going to be.

I cannot prove "Tyler" to my housemate.

Having an imaginary friend would make sense, given my current circumstances.

01 January 2007

how did I miss this???

This would have totally improved my Christmas cheer....if I had found it two weeks ago!

Nothing is more divine than O, come all ye faithful to the tune of We're not gonna take it!

the most unique beer....ever

This is officially the most unique tasting brew I have yet to discover.

It's not so red in colour, like Carlsberg Red or Rickard's Red. But it is an amber ale, and it's...got something I can't quite explain.

But it is good.

I think.

And it's a microbrew from Canmore Alberta.

You be the judge:

The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company