13 June 2007


I was filling out a web application for a frequent movie goer points card (it's not too bad, especially if you see a lot of movies; check out Scene), and I got to the point on the applicaton as noted in the above image.

Why is "single" listed at the bottom?
As though being single is in last place?
Or the worst possible thing?
Even worse than widowed?

The world of Tomorrow....

It's bad enough for windows that Tiger is about 10 years ahead of vista, but it's only getting worse for MS, as Apple is getting ready to launch Leopard.

Some day, the world will know!

But it's not going to be today. Or yesterday.

Apple released Safari 3 Beta, which also runs in windows. I promptly downloaded and installed on my windows box at work, and quickly uninstalled it within 24 hours. Too many crashes. Too many even for windows. Though I am not surprised.

I don't blame Apple for released an Alpha and claiming it to be a Beta. I do blame MS for making such a crappy OS, that a developer has to waste time figuring out how to create a safe app, instead of the OS being a safe environment.

I'm sure it will get better. But really, I've never liked the feel of Apple apps on windows. They are always much better on a Mac.

In fact, everything is better on a Mac.