03 April 2008

Now that is irony!

I'm currently vacationing in the most beautiful place on earth: British Columbia.

Exact location:

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Yes, go figure, I'm in a Starbucks. I had to come here to use the wifi, as my host merely surfs off of her condo neighbours not smart enough to lock their signals. For some reason, my PowerBook G4 is unable to get a reliable signal in similar locations where my host's MacBook does.

As I was rummaging / foraging for food this morning, I found about a dozen pounds of unopened Starbucks coffee beans.

This makes sense, as my host's second job is part-time at the very Starbucks in which I am now sitting, sipping and surfing.

However, my host also does not have a coffee maker; no drip, no perc, no press!!!

Severe irony.