31 October 2006

Pearl Perspective #1

Winter has arrived, or a precursor to it, in Lethbridge.

23 October 2006

on the road to Jericho

Walking from the parking lot to my university class just now, I passed by two people I know.

The first was an Iranian guy from my french class last semester. We stopped and chatted for a few moments to catch up.

The second, a "christian", person just stared right through me and kept walking.

And all I can say is: [edit] many [/edit] stupid Christians.

Why do I not go to church? To save myself the embarassment and shame of being 'related' to those people. But also to avoid the inevitable hurt and pain which will be caused by those people.

The greatest cause of people turning away from God is Christians.

04 October 2006

Google Ads

Coming to your favourite local radio station!!

Google recently purchased dMarc, which owns both Scott Studios and Maestro, together they dominate the radio automation sector globally.

Interestingly, I stumbled upon this article. It explains the technical aspects of how they will sell advertising and play it on a local radio station.

Scary and amazing!

Do no evil, Google. Do no evil.