16 October 2008

Presidential Debate

I watched just a few minutes of the opening of the third presidential candidates debate last night, as a rerun on CBC.

I've said it before, and I'm typing it again now, if I were American, I'd be a Democrat (only because there is only one other option, and I would definitely not be Republican).

How old is McCain anyway??? Seriously? And what's with that tumor-like growth on his face? So really, the next Republican presidential candidate is Sarah Palin, because the first intern to toss her hair for McCain is going to kill him instantly!

McCain and Dion must have summered together, even if only metaphorically, because the similarity in on-camera character is striking; can't answer a direct question and can only resort to lambasting the opponent. Those two would do well in reality tv pitted against each other. Or maybe they'd be friends? Two self-consumed people assuming that they ought to lead a country because they belong to the "natural governing party". Pathetic. Or pathétique.

Obama on the other side, I could listen to him for hours! Even when reading an Oprah-rejected book of the month.

If polls are to be trusted, then one could assume that President Obama will be receiving a congratulatory phone call from Prime Minister Harper in a few weeks' time.

Hello Americaland! If there be a god, may she bless you with a Democrat president.

15 October 2008

thoughts on the 40th General Election

  • I am severely disappointed with voter participation and turn out. There are just too many things to say as to why people ought to vote, are obliged to vote. So many seem to take for granted the rights and freedoms we so easily enjoy, while much of the world's population does not have what we have. It's a sad time and a sad day.

  • I am very happy that the Liberals are weakening. I don't like them; I have never liked them. I have never voted Liberal, nor even considered it in the slightest.

  • I live in Alberta, and it's very very blue here. Take all the other votes for all other parties, and in most ridings, those don't even get close to half of the votes which were cast for Conservatives. Note to rest of Canada: the money is moving to Alberta, the jobs are moving to Alberta, the power is shifting to Alberta; you can fight this or deny this, but eventually you'll have to realise that Calgary is the new Ottawa, or new Toronto, or new Montr...no, I won't go that far.

  • Addendum to above: What's up with Edmonton-Strathcona??? Blues on Whyte will have to change its name to Orange on Whyte. How does one pronounce Orange-monton? Not that I liked it any better, Redmonton was quite easy to pronounce. And I'm sad to see Rahim Jaffer leave the Hill; he was quite clearly one of the better dressed MPs in the House.

  • YES! We NEED electoral reform. From an elected senate to proportional representation, there are just too many ways we could improve our democratic process. How about borrowing and improving an idea from south of the 49th, and instead of having an upper and lower house, give them equal standing, and have one seated like it is now (Commons), and the other giving each province and territory equal seats regardless of population (Senate).

  • Isn't it mandatory to vote in Australia? Fine people who don't vote? Let's get that up and running here in Canada. Even if it means adding the box: "I don't care / it doesn't matter" as a valid choice in every riding and on every ballot. With 55 or 56% of voters actually voting, what are those other 44 or 45% doing? Who would they vote for?

  • I like minority governments. Think back to the 90's. Those sweeping majorities were not so good. Minorities can work when coalitions are formed. Put aside the partisan bickering and do something good for Canada, regardless of the colour of your tie (or head scarf).

  • I have growing admiration for May and the Greens. It takes a lot of whatever it is which is required to make yourself known and have a presence in Ottawa without being an MP and without any "money" (in the way that the other parties have our tax dollars). I just don't understand why she chose to run in a riding which was so obviously going to be Conservative.

  • What's with Harper wearing that obviously orange tie for his victory speech??

14 October 2008

40th General Election is today!

Please remember to get out and VOTE today!!

For more information, please visit Elections Canada.

09 October 2008

RIM's amazing new device!

BlackBerry Brick

Yes, too difficult to see, but it's a white screen with black text:
"App Error 205; Reset".
And that's basically all it does.