13 May 2008

Roméo Dallaire (Lib.) = village idiot

As I am watching the National, I notice Senator Roméo Dallaire (Liberal) spewing off all sorts of idiocy.

And these are my thoughts:

  • Omar comes from a well-known family: the Kadhrs

  • the Kadhr family is not well known for being outstanding citizens espousing the values of Canada

  • he would not be in Guantanamo Bay if he had not been in Afghanistan fighting for al Qaeda

Additionally: I disagree with our current immigration policies. I do not believe that citizenship in Canada should be given out willy-nilly to anyone who comes begging for it. I believe that children born in Canada of contributing landed immigrants can become citizens.

Therefore, refugees who achieve little more than welfare are not contributing members of our society.

Therefore, Omar would not be a "citizen", and in my view is not one.

Meanwhile, Jack Babcock finally becomes a citizen....again.