30 August 2006


I figure that Jeremy is much less in biking shape than I, so I went for a real ride before we were scheduled to go, so then I would be tired and he wouldn't bore me with slow cycling.

I bring my Digital Rebel XT and we head to the skate park. There are usually crazy kids there doing death defying stunts, and I want to take pictures of sport action. So that was alright. I've been there on better days. But I never go alone, or I would look like some creepy quasi-pedophile with a camera taking pictures of young boys who are quite often topless.

Then Jeremy and I bike to a nice access point to ride down to the river.

We even went to see the pelicans! There are a group of gigantic pelicans which summer in Lethbridge living off the fish that fall off the damn. Sometimes, they are very close to the shore. I have been within 10 m a few times. But today they were in the middle of the river.

I've been biking in Lethbridge, on average, 15 km per day, 150 days a year, for 4 years. I have never got a flat tire. On Jeremy's first day, within 10 km, he gets a flat.

At that same moment we came to part of the trail with about four huge trees fallen across the path, big enough that the passage is over.

As I stop and turn around, he tells me he's got a flat. He stops about 5 m behind me. As I'm clipping out of my pedals, he says: "did you hear that?!?"

I say: "hear what?"

Side note: the city of Lethbridge has the knowledge of a population of about 50 rattlesnakes which live in the river valley WITHIN city limits!!! I've read all about them on the city web site.

He says: "snake!!"

Me: "are you sure it wasn't a grasshopper?" (One species around here is not so populous, but has a clacking sound which could be akin to a rattlesnake sound to one who is it not fond of snakes at all, and poisonous snakes even less.)

This happens in about second seconds of dialogue, and the next three seconds consist of me leaping off my bike and jumping up waist-high onto the trunk of the fallen tree.

We watch the brush in silence for the next few minutes. Nothing. Jeremy then tells me stories of his bike shop co-workers coming in contact with the rattlesnakes in the valley. Geez!

He moves closer to me and changes his flat while I keep vigilant snake watch.

After 20 minutes and his wife's phone call, his tire is changed and we start climbing over the rest of the felled trees.

As I'm mounting my bike on a narrow part of trail, I hear the evidence of something moving and I look about 1 m to my right to see the ground foliage rustling in a pattern which I can only attribute to a rattlesnake!!

I can't even get both my feet on the pedals and I start running with one foot and cycling with the other!

I get up a bit of a hill and wait for Jeremy, who yells something, and my split second first thought is that he's been bitten and that I'm NOT going back for him.

We keep biking and about another 150 m down the trail there is a 3 m bunny hill thing (straight up -> straight down).

As I crest the hill, there is a snake crossing the path!!!!!!

I instinctively pull my feet up, which is impossible with cleats....and I nearly bail off my bike to side down a hill into the river.

I could have sworn that thing was 2 feet long with a girth of at least 8 inches....but alas, it was a tiny garter snake which Jeremy claims was only 8 inches long, at best.

And that's my cycling story from Sunday. I didn't actually use the O.M.F., but it was definitely on my mind more than once!!!!

25 August 2006

gonorrhea on Valentine's Day

Much of the spam I receive is in text form, with 1 instead of i and @ instead of a.

But this morning, while attempting to highlight multiple spams, this appeared in the preview pane of my Mail application. And I thought it was quite worthy of saving. In all the years, I've never got something quite this good!!!

24 August 2006

makes me laugh

17 August 2006

i did it!

A feat of insurmountable excellence!

I folded all the clean laundry in my room and put it away in the closet.

Normally, I toss it on the bed, and then it gets shoved to the side while I sleep under it, and eventually it all falls on the floor into a huge pile in front of the closet. And I spend a lot of time ironing.

04 August 2006

embrace the eunuch....at least in concept

What I cannot believe is that Peter Robert Joseph Whitmore has unrestricted freedom to move about as he pleases and associate with children.

The best account of 22 July through 2 August can be found here.

Here are the official bulletins from the RCMP: Whitmore wanted, and the missing persons report.

What I find confusing is that Bruyerre was NOT listed as kidnapped, only missing, all the while the authorities KNEW without a doubt that he was with a repeat convicted child sex offender.

This is reminiscent of other cases of double standard "justice". Never forget about the Saskatoon police dropping natives out of city limits in the winter to die from exposure. Or about the infamous 911 phone calls that went unheeded and resulted in the murders of two sisters in Winnipeg. So, here we are again, and just another stupid poor native is merely missing, and not kidnapped. Whatever.

But let's get back to the real problem: repeat offender pedophiles roaming the country freely.

Does this not make you sick? Does this not disgust you?

Once. Twice. Thrice. Geez. Why not permanently prevent a person such as this from sort of behaviour?

Criminals are treated with just a bit too much respect.

02 August 2006

voice wreck-ognition

Yet another reason why you should buy a Mac.

01 August 2006

notice something?

Look to the right, and you will see an icon which indicates my status with Y! Messenger.

Looks like this:

I'm boycotting MSN messenger because they do not have a client for BlackBerry. (Coincidentally, Yahoo does.)

You can get the new MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger here. With this new client, you will be able to add Y! contacts to your MSN list. My Y! ID is vbs420.

I will still sign in to MSN, but only when I'm at home and on my Mac, which isn't all that often.