29 February 2008

Larry Norman, b. 8 April 1947, d. 24 February 2008

In all the years of listening to music, which has been a constant soundtrack to my own life, regardless of the current theme, I could always count on, and indeed did return to, something from Larry Norman. There would always be some tune, or song, or lyric, which would meet my need, in my place, at that time.

Though I know that it's not, never was never will be, "Larry-worship". Larry's music (and life!) was always a reflection of God; something beautiful, sad, mad, lonely, lovely, purposeful, graceful, to point to God from whatever that place was. Most of all, Larry's music was always REAL.

Thank you, Larry Norman, for the years of dedication, and for your love.

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05 February 2008

I'm not American

But if I was, I would be a democrat (though I would likely fit in to "independent" more easily).

And as a democrat, I would support Barack Obama.

There! I've said it.

I may suggest "why" later. I did type something, but it was too witty and racy for most readers. I would be like Fox News, but the opposite.