16 October 2008

Presidential Debate

I watched just a few minutes of the opening of the third presidential candidates debate last night, as a rerun on CBC.

I've said it before, and I'm typing it again now, if I were American, I'd be a Democrat (only because there is only one other option, and I would definitely not be Republican).

How old is McCain anyway??? Seriously? And what's with that tumor-like growth on his face? So really, the next Republican presidential candidate is Sarah Palin, because the first intern to toss her hair for McCain is going to kill him instantly!

McCain and Dion must have summered together, even if only metaphorically, because the similarity in on-camera character is striking; can't answer a direct question and can only resort to lambasting the opponent. Those two would do well in reality tv pitted against each other. Or maybe they'd be friends? Two self-consumed people assuming that they ought to lead a country because they belong to the "natural governing party". Pathetic. Or pathétique.

Obama on the other side, I could listen to him for hours! Even when reading an Oprah-rejected book of the month.

If polls are to be trusted, then one could assume that President Obama will be receiving a congratulatory phone call from Prime Minister Harper in a few weeks' time.

Hello Americaland! If there be a god, may she bless you with a Democrat president.

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